The Goddess Circe à la Karol Kent

Who is Karol Kent:

Karol s a Sagittarius and life long Chicagoan, Karol changed her entire life by moving to LA 3 years ago. Actress, writer, singer, dancer, barista & bartender – keep moving & keep motivated is her motto. Life is funny, so let’s laugh a lot.

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Favorite Career Highlight:

Zoo Plate Special – huge hit & kick ass funny show with my comedy group Friends of the Zoo.

What did Karol learn from the Goddess Circe:

It’s always amazing to research the personality of someone you admire. It turns out he’s very complex and very simple at the same time, which I found to be unique.

Who is Circe:

Circe is the goddess of magic or some called her a nymph, enchantress or a sorceress in Greek mythology. The daughter of the god Helios and either the Oceanid nymph Perse. Circe was renowned for her amazing knowledge of potions and herbs.



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