Stevie Nicks à la Christine Blackburn

Who is Christine Blackburn:

As a producer, host and skilled interviewer, Christine Blackburn and her production company, Story Worthy Media, have produced over 540 episodes of her weekly show Story Worthy and dozens of live performances of her gameshow, Story Smash The Storytelling Gameshow! Her solo show “Surviving The Ride” has been produced and performed in Portland, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. She is the author of the book “PIT To LAX: My Story Worthy Life” and she hosted Ready For The Weekend Movies on USA Network for 2 years. She has contributed many articles to the Huffington Post and is a 3 time MOTH Story Slam winner. She performs storytelling all over Los Angeles and has appeared in over 100 commercials. Christine enjoys being a mom, playing tennis, guitar, and eating sushi.


Who is Stevie Nicks:

Stevie is a rock and roll goddess from the seventies and part of the one and only musical group Fleetwood Mac. Stevie has also had an amazing solo career that is still going strong today. With amazing style and grace… every man loves her and every woman wants to be her. 



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