Shannon Bobo Manifests Esther Hicks

Shannon Bobo as Esther Hicks & the Entity Abraham

Who is Shannon Bobo:

Shannon is a Taurus Sun, Leo moon, and Taurus Rising! But she’s one point away from Gemini rising, so close that she knows she must be one, so she reads Gemini rising too!

Comic and Actress. Lives and loves in LA. Always grateful to get a chance to connect and talk with people on all things spiritual! Performs regularly at Comedy store and Flappers!


@shannonbobo for Instagram and Twitter

Favorite Career Highlight:

Working with Lisa Orkin.

What Shannon learned from Esther Hicks:

I learned that Esther Hicks had great courage to come out and say that an entity speaks through her. And having to stand by the truth of knowing that all is well no matter what the questions Lisa gave me was incredibly challenging but not impossible.

Who is Esther Hicks:

Esther Hicks is the mastermind of manifestation, best selling author and co-creator of the Abraham-Hicks entity.

In the mid-80’s, Esther, and her husband Jerry, started teaching the Abraham-Hicks method. “Abraham” is an emotion. A feeling. A community. A lifeforce. It is infinite intelligence. It is the purest form of love.

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Esther’s Website: Click here

Three Special Episode moments:

Lisa, Shannon, Esther, and Abraham sing a song together.

Shannon as Esther turning into Abraham.

Abraham schools Lisa in Love.

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