Pythagoras à la Jim Staahl

Who is Jim Staahl:

Jim began his comedy career as a resident member of Chicago’s Second City Theater and wrote for SCTV. Staahl performed and wrote for an array of Variety shows starring Martin Mull, Steve Allen, Sid Caesar, Steve Martin and Marty Short.  He was also a co-head writer for shows that starred John Candy, Mike Myers, Howie Mandel, Fred Willard and Louie Anderson; Staahl was also host and head writer of his own series, Laugh Trax.

And wrot on such shows as Mork and MindyMarried PeopleLightning ForceThe SearcherCharles In ChargeYoung Hercules and Sledge Hammer, along with numerous TV Pilots for NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX.  And received two Emmy nominations for writing on Bobby’s World, an animated series he co-created with Howie Mandel and co-produced for 8 years.  

As an actor Jim has numerous network appearances and was a series regular on three network series: Mork & MindyGoodnight Beantown and Normal Life. Staahl has also appeared in a number of features including Spies Like Us, Max Dugan Returns, and Night Shift. Staahl continues to perform; he recently appeared on King of Queens and was a series regular on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Lisa has produced and acted in dozens of radio commercials with Jim and is to date one of her go to silly people.


Who is Pythagoras:

Pythagoras of Samos (c. 570 – c. 495 BC) is ancient Ionian Greek philosopher and coined the word “philosopher… really the Tony Robbins of his time and the eponymous founder of Pythagoreanism. His political and religious teachings were well known in Magna Graecia and influenced the philosophies of PlatoAristotle, and, through them, Western philosophy. And maybe best know for the Pythagoras Theorem.


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