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It’s Project Woo Woo Launch Party!


Join me on Facebook for a virtual launch party on July 17th to celebrate the Launch of Project Woo Woo The Podcast.

Project Woo Woo is my new talk show where I interview the most inspiring movers and shakers in self-help, wellness, and spirituality living… and not living.

Not the actual movers and shakers, my friends playing the actual movers and shakers”.


The launch party is virtual so people from all over the world can come together without having to go anywhere.

I will be live answering your questions and discussing all things “Project Woo Woo” related.

Find out how close you are to enlightenment.

Have a guided meditation or a faux psychic reading by me live, hang out do a little dorky dancing.

Win a numerology session, have your palm read, three-month Gaiam subscription, and virtual private yoga sesh.

ProJect Woo Woo Launch Party!








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