Man from Mars à la Rick Overton

Who is Rick Overton:

Rick is a double Leo and has been show-folk for over 45 years. He is an Emmy Award Winner, Actor, Comedian, activist. And you may have just seen him on DRUNK HISTORY. Honestly, Rick was a little modest in his bio so I am going to add a little bit more. Rick made his first onscreen appearance in the 1982 film Young Doctors in Love, followed by a small role in Airplane II: The Sequel later that year. In 1987, he wrote an episode of The New Adventures of Beans Baxter while also appearing in various films and television shows including WillowAmazing Stories and Million Dollar Mystery. Rick had one of the first HBO comedy specials and was Robin Williams improv partner. Rick is also very loved and respected by us show folk.

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Favorite Career Highlight:

Rick: The next one.

What Rick learned about from the Man from Mars:

Rick: Each is an improv, but using set words. The freedom is in How you feel and say them. Then if there is latitude to play, you have an idea now of who it is that’s playing.

Who is the Man from Mars:

The Man from Mars is Washington insider from the Bush years. He did some not so nice things, faked his death and has been living on a colony on Mars. He is thinking of coming back seeing that the world has changed and people seem to be more… fill in the blank.


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