Madame Zoltair à la Sea Glassman

Who is Sea Glassman:

Sea Glassman voices infamous fortune teller Madame Zoltair, who has recently shattered her glass box and is heading to Davenport, Ohio for a dalliance with a man in a kayak. Glassman is an LA based improvisational character actor whose forte is historical & literary figures, ie Steinbeck’s Ma Joad, James Joyce’s Molly Bloom, & E.A. Poe’s Murderer in Telltale Heart. 

She is currently performing the first iteration of her solo original Rocktopus Opera, “The dEvil in the MIRROR; Living Rehearsals,” equal parts I.B. Singer short story, wild improv, singing, and audience participation. Glassman is in development on two large scale projects linking 5 centuries and beyond of humanitarian progress, starting in the 1600’s, through multiple co-occurring theatrical events. 

In between, she makes pumpkin pancakes with sautéed pears and hides under the duvet. She’s too lazy to buy her domain name, so see her poems, prose & paintings here;

Hear her as Dorothy Parker in another favorite Project Woo Woo podcast here:Dorothy Parker

Who is Madame Zoltair:

Long before Madame Zoltair came to the Project Woo Woo you mave have seen her in penny arcades and carnivals trapped in a box telling fortunes in exchange for money. She was also featured in the movie Big… although that may have been her sister.



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