Krishnamurti à la Gary Schwartz

Who is Gary Schwartz:

Gary Schwartz is an actor, writer, and improv coach. He is the protégé of Viola Spolin, considered to be the Mother of the American Improvisation. He is the founder of Improv Odyssey, an exciting approach to changing the way people work and play, based on Spolin’s techniques.


Gary’s Rising Sign:



Gary’s favorite Career Highlight:

My first professional job was as a mime at 13 opening for Pete Seeger’s Clearwater Sloop concerts in the 1960s.


What did Gary learn from playing Krishnamurti:

Krishnamurti’s wisdom and doing him, made me once again realize that the potential for happiness resides in each moment and is available to everyone. I keep forgetting.


Where you can find Gary:



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