Kahlil Gibran à la Robbie Rist

Who is Robbie Rist:

If you were to compare Robbie Rist to a renaissance man…..well……you couldn’t. The renaissance happened hundreds of years ago and how do you compare someone from that time to now? What you COULD say is that Rist is a multi-hyphenate with hands in many different art forms. He has been a successful actor in both voice-over (Teenage Mutant NinJa Turtles, Doc McStuffins, Naruto) and on camera (The Brady Bunch, Mary Tyler Moore, Sharknado). He plays five instruments, is a recording engineer, producer, songwriter and singer with countless albums, television episodes and movies featuring his compositions. He has written screenplays and is about to produce and direct a noir web series called Mr. Happy. He is co-host of a weekly comedic (hopefully) talk podcast called The Spoon every Thursday at 7 pm PST on www.tmvcafe.com. He is a decent cook, a fair tennis player and dreams of the day he can just once leave a room with his dignity left intact.

And an also known fact Robbie and Lisa have written and acted 100’s of radio commercial together and Robbie is the “everyman” in Lisa’s hit Podcast LOVE BITES.


Who is Kahlil Gibran:

Kahlil Gibran moved to the United States as a small boy in 1895 and was exposed to Boston’s artistic community. Showing promise as an artist, he also began writing newspaper columns and books in Arabic, drawing attention for his prose poems. After moving to New York City, Gibran began writing books in English, including his most famous work, The Prophet (1923). The popularity of The Prophet endured,  making Kahlil Gibran the third-best-selling poet of all time.


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