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Ruth Bader Ginsberg à la Madonna Magee

Who is Madonna Magee:Madonna Magee is a graduate of NYU and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts NYC. She credits the Uta Hagen, as being the greatest influence on her work.. Madonna’s career began as a recurring character on the daytime Serial “Love of...

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Mikhail Baryshnikov à la Phil Proctor

Who is Philip Proctor: Phil is a Leo with a Gemini rising. Actor/writer/singer/producer/VO artist member of the thrice-Grammy-nominated Firesign Theatre, recognized as one of the “Thirty Greatest Acts of All Time” with a recording in the Library of Congress. He’s...

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Dalai Lama à la Billy Merritt

Who is Billy Merritt: Billy is a Gemini, an actor, teacher, and writer based in Los Angeles. He has been affiliated with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since they were founded in the 90's in NYC. And below is a link to Billy's new book! You can find Billy in all...

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Jane Goodall à la Sarah Coomes

Who is Sarah Coomes: Sarah is a Cancer with her moon in Virgo. Sarah Coomes grew up in space, where she ate dehydrogenated food and projected the universe’s first mind vision solution of Einstein’s gravity equivalence condition, a problem that had eluded...

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The Goddess Circe à la Karol Kent

Who is Karol Kent: Karol s a Sagittarius and life long Chicagoan, Karol changed her entire life by moving to LA 3 years ago. Actress, writer, singer, dancer, barista & bartender - keep moving & keep motivated is her motto. Life is funny, so let's...

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Margaret Sanger à la Jennifer Vally

Lisa Orkin as Oprah Who is Jennifer Vally: Jennifer is an Aries and TV writer and comic from Los Angeles. Always looking to try new things.  Facebook - JenniferVally Twitter - @jennifervally Instagram - @jenvally Favorite Career Highlight: Writing for a Barack Obama...

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Danny Mann à la Marcel Marceau

Danny Mann as Marcel Marceau This week I have a true artist on, Marcel Marceau. We all have different reactions to mimes. I love them... sort of in secret. My 13-year self would be to cool to admit it. And obviously, my adult self had to tell you that. This episode is...

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Mary Todd Lincoln à la Ann Ryerson

Lisa Orkin as Oprah Who is Ann Ryerson: Ann is a Leo with her rising in Taurus and began her professional career in improvisational theatre in her hometown of Minneapolis, at Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop, then at The Second City in Chicago. She has performed...

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Kurt Vonnegut à la Scott Rognlien

Lisa Orkin as Oprah Who is Scott Rognlien:Scott is a writer, actor, director and head instigator over at The Next Arena, a Los Angeles based theatre company. The company has produced over 25 plays and events in the last 15 years. Sometimes Scott sells things on the...

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Joan of Arc à La Miriam Flynn

Miriam Flynn as Joan of Arc  Who is Miriam Flynn: Miriam Flynn is a Gemini and well known actress in film, television, and stage. She is best known as Cousin Catherine in the Nation Lampoon‘s Vacation movies and as an award-winning member of Chicago’s famous Second...

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Anne Frank à la Annie Wood

Annie Wood as Anne Frank We did something a little different on this episode we added a behind the scenes bonus at the end. Annie jumps out of character and we talk about our feelings on Anne Frank and making this episode. So, stay tuned to hear the behind the scenes....

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Dan Gilvezan à la 200,000 Year Old Adam

Dan Gilvezan à la 200,000 Year Old Adam Who is Dan Gilvezan:  Dan is a Scorpio and has been a working actor in Los Angeles for over forty years, lending his talents to scores of TV shows, commercials, animated series, and stage plays. Dan is known for playing Peter...

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