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Hillary Clinton à la Kathy Christopherson

Who is Kathy Christopherson: Kathy, native Chicagoan, is an actress, writer and rabble rouser. Kathy has had the opportunity to work across some wildly creative talent, including Grace Zabriskie, Michael Madsen, Sean Young, James Russo and the late Roy...

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Madame Zoltair Encore à la Sea Glassman

Who is Sea Glassman:Sea Glassman is an LA based improvisational character actor whose forte is historical & literary figures, ie Steinbeck’s Ma Joad, James Joyce’s Molly Bloom, & E.A. Poe’s Murderer in Telltale Heart. She is currently performing...

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Joe Namath à la Darry Logan

Who is Darry Logan:  Darry Logan began his television career in the 1970's but hasn't seen a new show since 2004. Raised in an alcoholic family, he was introduced to mockery at a very early age. Darry currently resides in West Hollywood, birthplace of...

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Pythagoras à la Jim Staahl

Who is Jim Staahl: Jim began his comedy career as a resident member of Chicago’s Second City Theater and wrote for SCTV. Staahl performed and wrote for an array of Variety shows starring Martin Mull, Steve Allen, Sid Caesar, Steve Martin and Marty Short. ...

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Abby Schachner à la Billy Barty

Who is Abby Schachner: Abby is an artist, performer, children’s book writer... (that’s got a lion's tigers and bears oh my kind of feel) and an amazing artist.You can see her work her prolific Instagram and go follow- Your Friend Abby Who is Billy Barty:...

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Ganesha à la Jeff Dorchen

Who is Jeff Dorchen: Jeff Dorchen is an award-winning, playwright, a fiction writer, literary editor, visual artist, actor, essayist, songwriter, and radio contributor (The Samantha Clemens Show, This American Life, The Experience with LaFern Cusack). He...

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Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second à la Harry Murphy

Who is Harry Murphy: Harry S. Murphy is an actor and improviser who loves to play “let’s pretend”. Actual fun fact: Paula Abdul once taught me how to pole-dance.   Who is Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second: Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of...

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Andy Warhol à la Chris Bonno

Who is Chris Bonno: Chris Bonno, once voted the Funniest Person in Austin, is a regular performer at the Improv in LA, with the improv troupe “The Fugitives”, and at the ACME comedy theater with the improvisational forties radio comedy troupe “Liquid Radio Players”...

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Simone de Beauvoir à la Brett Paesel

Who is Brett Paesel: Brett Paesel is the author of the New York Times bestseller, “Mommies Who Drink: Sex, Drugs, and Other Distant Memories of an Ordinary Mom (Warner Books, 2006) and the comic novel, “Everything is Just Fine” (Grand Central, 2019). Her...

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Bill Clinton à la Don Frankel

Who is Don Frankel: Don Frankel is an Actor and Musician. Don grew up in Brooklyn New York. He played his first professional music gig at his own Bar Mitzvah on the Accordion. Don is a multi-instrumentalist on Keyboards, Banjo, Guitar and sing Tenor and...

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Anne Boleyn à la Kathy Nagler

Who is Kathy Nagler:  Kathy began her career after being told again and again that her voice could make anything sound funny.With her ultra-dry delivery, she was billed as the female Ben Stein. But over the years, she has expandedher repertoire to include...

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