Dylan Brody as Marty Joseph

Dylan Brody as Marty Joseph

Who is Dylan Brody:

Dyan is a Taurus with Aquarius rising.

Dylan Brody: Humorist, Storyteller, Author, Poet, Auteur, Radio Personality, Dog-Owner and Tyer of His Own Shoes, Dylan Brody remains one of America’s great undiscovered talents.  It says so on his business cards.
Not only does Dylan Brody make people laugh, but he allows them to relate to his everyday life. His shows appear on Comedy Central, Amazon Prime and NextUp Comedy.com. He has written for Jay Leno and The Tonight Show. An acclaimed author as well, Dylan Brody is a breath of fresh air for mankind.

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Favorite Career Highlight:

For three years running Dylan had the profound privilege of opening for David Sedaris when he was on the West coast.  “I will be forever grateful for his generosity of spirit and kindness as a human.”

What Dylan learned about Marty Joseph:

Playing Marty Joseph gave me insight into just how clear my understanding was of the ideas I put forth in the screenplay for which I originally created him. The concept of self-reinvention, of conscious and conscientious evolution, might be the most important one I can share with the world through my work.

Who is Marty Joseph:

A character Dylan created for a screenplay.

Special Episode moments:

Lisa is a bit awestruck and admits to Marty he was her salvation during breakups.

Marty gets very emotional.

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