Dream A Little to The left

Dream A Little to The left

When I was a little girl I dreamt I would one day be a famous actress. I knew it would happen. I was sure of it.

And it didn’t exactly happen.

Although I became an actress, a bread and butter actress, and a comedian. I work just enough to pay my insurance and keep a roof over my head. I have done small parts in TV, movies and a 100’s of funny radio commercials. I am grateful don’t get me wrong. I am. I get to play make believe for a living. And I get to live and work in Hollywood and that’s super dreamy for a skinny dorky girl from the midwest.

And working in Hollywood for over 30 years I have met and played with some amazingly talented actors, comedian, and writers, some you have heard of, some not, and some you have seen or heard many times in TV and movies.

I have learned a lot along the way, I became an expert in comedy audio, a decent improviser and super comfortable on any stage anywhere.

I love acting, organized silliness and well… well… I love self-help. I am a self-help Junkie! I read all the books, go to seminars, retreats, listen to podcasts incessantly. I love digging deep into philosophy, spirituality, and wellness. Gwynneth has nothing on me! I have been to healers, psychics, reiki practitioners and I have even been hugged by Amma the famous miracle hugger.

This is not my first podcast. I have made hundreds, I started just interviewing men about their feelings and learned they feel just like women. I then created a show after a bad break up called Love Bites where I made my friend Robbie Rist recreate actual uncomfortably conversations from my love life for comedy purposes. Then I started interviewing anyone I could find from the self-help world and well family members, friends, and my childhood rabbi to help me find myself during my midlife crisis. That show was called Honestly Lisa.

Which brings us to Project Woo Woo. My fantasy world where I get to talk to people who would most likely never give me the time of day. And honestly, I think this is better. I get to play with the most talented actors and comedians in the world.

I am still not sure I am explaining this right.

My brilliant friends are going to play, channel or pretend to be the biggest movers and shakers in the self-help, wellness and spirituality dead or alive. And I will interview them as such. Or I will interview the biggest movers and shakers in the self-help, wellness, and spirituality dead or alive and my friends will be them. Anyways, listen in and you will understand.

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