Dr. Ruth à la Terry Evans

Who is Terry Evans:

Terry is a Pisces born in Texas, lives in California. Enjoys acting, building things, fishing from the beach and letting them go. And maybe a little humble. Terry has been a fixture in the LA theatre scene for over 25 years and a member of the premier classical Los Angeles theatre company Antaeus. You have seen him in both film and television and he also starred in the cult classic Mongrel directed by the late Robert Burns.

Favorite Career Highlight:

A compliment from someone I respect.

What did Terry learn from Dr. Ruth:

Karola Ruth Siegel is a four-foot seven-inch giant.

Who is Dr. Ruth:

Ruth Westheimer, better known as the one and only Dr. Ruth, is a German-American sex therapist, media personality, and prolific author. Her media career began in 1980 with the radio show Sexually Speaking, which continued until 1990. 

Special Notes:

Terry is my steady Eddie, my lover, my love, my protein cooker, my Mr. Fix It and my confidant for many, many years. 


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