Danny Mann as Marcel Marceau

Danny Mann as Marcel Marceau

This week I have a true artist on, Marcel Marceau. We all have different reactions to mimes. I love them… sort of in secret. My 13-year self would be to cool to admit it. And obviously, my adult self had to tell you that.

This episode is a little different we have a translator. And Danny Mann who brought Marcel to Project Woo Woo does the intro with me. And I also the show notes are different as well… new format. 

Danny is a brilliant voice actor, writer, singer, musician, he’s done voices on Monsters, Inc., Finding NemoToy Story 3, the Toy Story Toons episodes Small Fry and Partysaurus RexMonsters UniversityCars, and the Cars Toons episodes Tokyo Mater and Time Travel Mater to name a few. 


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