Carl Laemmle à la Deborah Fletcher Blum

Deborah Fletcher Blum as

Carl Laemmle

Who is Deborah Fletcher Blum:

Deborah Fletcher Blum is a Virgo, educator, historian, artist, writer, and filmmaker.

You can find Deborah at

Favorite Career Highlight:

Interviewing Sandy Einstein – Albert Einstein’s cousin – for our documentary in the Stuttgart Museum of History.

What Deborah learned about Carl:

I loved playing Carl Laemmle because I realized how connected to him I have grown through all the research I have done. I gained a depth of kindness and love for humanity.

Who is Carl Laemmle:

Carl Laemmle was an American filmmaker and a founder of Universal Studios. He produced or worked on over 400 films. Regarded as one of the most important of the early film pioneers, Laemmle was born in what is now Germany.


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