Barry Pearl à la Dracula

Who is Barry Pearl:

Best known for his role as “Doody” in Paramount’s iconic hit film, GREASE. Teaches film arts to the special needs community all across the country with Joey Travolta’s Inclusion Film Company.


Barry’s Rising Sign:



What is your most favorite Career Highlight:

Playing the role of “Doody” in Paramount’s film, GREASE as well as creating the role of “Professor Erasmus Q. Tinkerputt” in BEDTIME WITH BARNEY: IMAGINATION ISLAND. These two projects along with the work I’m doing with Joey Travolta’s Inclusion Film Company and all the stage directing I’ve been doing these last 10 years.



What did you learn from playing Liz:

There is great joy suspending an audience’s disbelief.


Where you can find Barry:

Check out Barry’s Cameo Profile

Can also be found on Facebook.



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