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Carl Jung à la Ron Zimmerman

Lisa Orkin as Oprah Who is Ron Zimmerman:Ron is a Gemini, writer, poet, comic, and second timer on Project Woo Woo. He also brilliantly woo woo'd Bob Dylan,What Ron Learned about Carl:Ron learned that for a doctor and a genius his English was pretty horrible.Who is...

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Becky Thyre à la Gertrude Stein

Who is Becky Thyre: Becky is a Gemini and an Actress, writer, mother, feminist. You've seen her on Transparent, Weeds, Arrested Development, Mr. Show, and Six Feet Under. Favorite Career Highlight: Creating and performing the play The Miss Vagina Pageant with Jill and...

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Bella Abzug à la Elizabeth burr

Who is Elizabeth Burr: Elizabeth is a Scorpio with serious rising and an actress from NYC where she made her professional debut cross-dressing at age 9 as her fathers' son in Joseph Papp”s critically acclaimed production oh CORIOLANUS (her father in the title role)....

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Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer à la Roger Scott Olsen

Lisa Orkin as Oprah Who is Roger Scott Olsen: Roger is an Aquarius. Born, raised in Chicago, Illinois. BA and Masters degrees from Northern Illinois University. Taught high-school nine years. Came to CA to be an actor/writer. Did it. Now semi-retired &...

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