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project woo woo The podcast

Imagine Andy Kaufman & Oprah had a Love child that was a podcast

Project Woo Woo 

Project Woo Woo is a brand new podcast from veteran podcaster & comedian Lisa Orkin about the wild world of self-help, wellness, & spirituality

Latest Episodes

Zimmerman Does Dylan

I have a little chat with Dylan aka Zimmerman about his early years, creativity and life.

Oprah interviews Lisa Orkin as Lisa Orkin

Lisa Orkin as Lisa Orkin Who is Lisa Orkin: Lisa...

Sea R. Glassman is Dorothy Parker

Sea R. Glassman embodies Dorothy Parker Who is...

Chris Bonno is Jesus

            Chris Bonno is Jesus Who...

Jason Stuart as Barbra Streisand

            Jason Stuart as Barbra Streisand Who...

Hitch a ride with me on the bullet train to enlightenment or let's be social.

Latest Episodes


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