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Project Woo Woo 

Project Woo Woo is a brand new podcast from veteran podcaster & comedian Lisa Orkin about the wild world of self-help, wellness, & spirituality

Maggie Rowe as Gossamyrhh

            Maggie Rowe Channels Gossamyrhh Who is Maggie Rowe: Maggie Rowe is a Libra with a rising sign of beauty. Maggie a writer/performer living in Los Angeles with her husband and dog. She started out as an actress (My IMDB profile) and then shifted her focus to...

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Al Berman is Wayne Dyer

            Al Berman is Dr. Wayne Dyer   Al and I go WAY back to when we were just young stand-ups. He was always the comic I had love to watch. He was just so funny. Al and I always seemed to run into each other at Gelson’s, our local grocery store and it was always...

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Wendy Hammers as Marianne Williamson

            Wendy Hammers I am excited to share my latest podcast episode with you as I play with the fabulous Wendy Hammers, as Marianne Williamson. I actually felt as if I fell down a rabbit hole and was actually interviewing Marianne...

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Bernadette Birkett as Mary Magdalene

            Bernadette Birkett as Mary Magdalene A Few Words from Lisa: Bernadette was a dream interview as Mary. She knows her facts and she is so funny. I grew up in the Catholic suburbs of Chicago. We were one of three Jewish family's in the neighborhood. My first...

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Dylan Brody as Marty Joseph

            Dylan Brody as Marty Joseph Who is Dylan Brody: Dyan is a Taurus with Aquarius rising. Dylan Brody: Humorist, Storyteller, Author, Poet, Auteur, Radio Personality, Dog-Owner and Tyer of His Own Shoes, Dylan Brody remains one of America's great undiscovered...

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Andy Goldberg as Tim Ferriss

andy goldberg as tim ferriss Who is Andy Goldberg: Andy is a Cancer and his rising sign is when his alarm goes off. Andy has written for and appeared on many TV shows. His improv group, Off The Wall is one of the longest-running in the world. Andy teaches improv in...

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