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A Comedy Podcast for the Weary Seeker

Project Woo Woo 

Project Woo Woo is a brand new podcast from veteran podcaster & comedian Lisa Orkin about the wild world of self-help, wellness, & spirituality

Jason Stuart as Barbra Streisand

            Jason Stuart as Barbra Streisand Who is Jason Stuart: Jason is a Capricorn with a rising sign of Gemini. He’s a  prolific character actor, who’s also an openly gay comedian. Seen in The Birth Of A Nation, Love, Swedish Dicks, Sleepy Hollow, and Tangerine....

Alex Stein is Carl Sagan

Project Woo Woo’s magic strikes again Alex Stein channels Carl Sagan! And there is a knock knock joke!

Sheryl Bernstein as Eve

            Sheryl Bernstein as Eve Who is Sheryl Bernstein: Sheryl Bernstein is a Moon Child, aka Cancer, with a Moon in the House of Pancakes. Sheryl is The Creative Muse, Clarity Coach, and Performance Director. Also called a Visionary Strategist, Sheryl can see...

Lauri Fraser as Shirley MacLaine

            Lauri Fraser as Shirley MacLaine Who is Lauri Fraser: Lauri is a Capricorn with a rising sign in Libra. Lauri Fraser. Shield maiden, Viking warrior, servant to the Round table, Court Jester, Greek Goddess, and those were just a few of her past lives. This...

Maggie Rowe as Gossamyrhh

            Maggie Rowe Channels Gossamyrhh Who is Maggie Rowe: Maggie Rowe is a Libra with a rising sign of beauty. Maggie a writer/performer living in Los Angeles with her husband and dog. She started out as an actress (My IMDB profile) and then shifted her focus to...

Al Berman is Wayne Dyer

            Al Berman is Dr. Wayne Dyer   Al and I go WAY back to when we were just young stand-ups. He was always the comic I had love to watch. He was just so funny. Al and I always seemed to run into each other at Gelson’s, our local grocery store and it was always...

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